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The benefits of selling an ENERGY STAR home

Want to stand out as a realtor? Sell ENERGY STAR® certified homes.

These homes meet high standards of energy efficiency, with the most efficient equipment, systems and processes on the market. Michigan has become focused on energy efficiency in recent years, with several regions including energy-efficient fields in real estate listings to make greener homes more easily searchable. Now is the perfect time to tap into the growing market.

There are many benefits of selling efficient homes:

Top Michigan home builders honored for energy efficiency

The annual Excellence in Energy Efficiency (E3) awards ceremony recognized the achievements of
ENERGY STAR® home builders this spring.

The event—which honors contractors who support our energy efficiency programs—took place at the Huntington Club within Spartan Stadium at Michigan State University. We’re honored to recognize them for their dedication to efficiency and producing healthier, more affordable and sustainable homes.

Michigan homeowners saving more energy, money with New Home Construction program

As our New Home Construction program kicked off a new building season, we wanted to reflect on the achievements from 2016.

Last year alone, 2.9 million square feet of ENERGY STAR® living space was constructed in the program, saving over 274,000 kWh of electricity. That’s equivalent to 20 homes’ energy use for one year, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations. With savings like that, it’s no surprise that Consumers Energy is excited to continue supporting ENERGY STAR new home construction.