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What makes smart homes so smart?

Friday, June 1, 2018

If you’re in the market for a new home, or looking to upgrade your current one, smart tech is the smart choice. From thermostats to ceiling fans, smart, connected devices offer a convenient way to elevate your home’s efficiency and comfort.

While the term “smart” has a loose definition, most smart devices can be controlled via smartphone and automatically respond to various preset conditions or spontaneous environmental changes. Working as a connected system throughout your home, smart devices have the power to make every day a little easier.

Common smart devices:

  • Smart thermostats automatically adjust to your schedule and preferences to deliver maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • Connected security devices like door locks, video monitoring, security alarms and smoke detectors keep you alert to danger.
  • Smart lighting responds to motion, time of day, and other stimuli to find the right mood in any room.

Things to consider when making your home smarter:

  • Not all systems are compatible with each other. Although many smart devices can communicate with each other, choose the devices that use the same hub to ensure they’re compatible.
  • Create a “Smart Home Tech Manual” so friends, family, babysitters, potential buyers and anyone else that visits will know what to expect from, and how to run your devices.
  • By allowing you to adjust settings and turn them on and off, even when you’re not home, many of these devices save energy.
  • By logging in to your Consumers Energy portal to check how much energy you’re using, you’ll have greater control over your day-to-day energy use.

Rebates from Consumers Energy are available for many smart devices. Get in touch today to discover all the ways we can help you raise your home’s energy-saving IQ.