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How smart thermostats make saving energy simple

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi-enabled devices that can give you newfound control over your heating and cooling system, while helping to lower your monthly energy costs. Making the switch is easy, and once you have your new thermostat in place, you can enjoy a host of benefits.


Effortless comfort and savings

Many smart thermostats are designed to automatically adjust to your schedule and preferences, saving energy while you’re away and keeping you comfortable when you’re home. Dialing in the perfect temperature has never been easier, and the extra savings on your energy bill can really add up. According to ENERGY STAR®, for the average American household almost half the energy bill goes toward heating and cooling, with costs totaling more than $900 a year. Smart thermostats provide a welcome way to reduce those costs.


Control it from anywhere

With a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat, you can control your heating and cooling remotely from your phone, tablet, computer and even voice-activated devices for a fully connected home experience. Want to warm up the house on your way home from work? Forget to shut things off before heading out on vacation? No problem. Now you can quickly log in from anywhere with a user-friendly app and adjust as needed. 


Know your home in a whole new way

One of the coolest things about smart thermostats is the data they provide. With energy use reports and other statistics generated straight from the thermostat, you can see exactly when you’re using the most energy, and what changes you can make for greater heating and cooling efficiency. A simple thermostat upgrade is all it takes to gain valuable insight into how your home operates, and start optimizing your comfort and energy performance.


A more connected home

Accessorizing your thermostat gives you even greater control. For example, some thermostats offer optional room sensors that let you program the ideal temperature in each room, or specify what part of your home should be the most comfortable at a certain time of day. Maybe the kids’ room is too cold or the living room is too warm; this gives you the ability to get those rooms feeling just right.


All of these exciting benefits are possible with a simple and smart thermostat upgrade. How far you take it is up to you, but saving energy and enjoying greater comfort takes nothing more than having your new thermostat installed and letting it work its magic.


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